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Chair: Krista LaRussa (Arcaro & LaRussa)  

Vice Chair: Diane Cochran (First Merchants Bank)  

Mission Statement 

Our mission is to be a high-quality resource for building industry professionals who provide outstanding service and products to our community. 

Integrity - we recognize the importance of transparency and strong moral principles. We believe that each member will make a personal choice to uphold the consistent moral and ethical standards of the BIA. 

Education - we recognize that a well-educated member is the cornerstone of the BIA. We believe in offering opportunities to facilitate learning for every member and that each member has an obligation to our community to acquire new knowledge, skills, values, and habits. 

Credibility - We believe that each member will seek to actively participate in maintaining as well as gaining our community’s trustworthiness in all home-building industry models. 



Upcoming Meetings:
(click individual meeting dates for registration and details)

Tuesday, April 9th (@Eastway Supply)

Tuesday, August 6th (@First Merchants)

Tuesday, November 12th (@Custom Distributors)

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