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Tuckerman-1Craig Tuckerman has had a one-of-a-kind opportunity -- the ability to develop a comprehensive insider’s view of the BIA.

From his unique perspective, he has seen the way our association has grown and how that growth has helped our members achieve business success. And he has drawn on the BIA’s opportunities himself as he runs The Tuckerman Home Group, a homebuilding company known for listening to their buyers, that he founded in 1992 and heads today.

In the nearly 10 years since Tuckerman served as BIA president, profound changes have taken place in the central Ohio homebuilding market, the economy, technology -- and our association. Our members have not only helped each other catch up and adapt, they have also provided mutual support and camaraderie.

“When you join the BIA you easily see the benefit of being around people in our industry,” says Tuckerman who was the 2004 BIA president.

After completing his presidency, Tuckerman took a break from intense BIA leadership and became less active. Then last year he stepped up his involvement and rejoined the Board of Trustees. After his return to the association’s Board, he experienced the BIA through fresh eyes.

Tuckerman-2Tuckerman quickly saw that the builders and associates leading the BIA have done a great job of refreshing our association and bringing it into today’s business and technological environment -- and they have done so in the toughest building market since the Great Depression. He feels that the BIA has prospered while most other homebuilders associations across the US have floundered. 

“One thing I’ve realized in the past year is that the BIA has come a long, long way since 2004,” says Tuckerman. “I’m pleased with where the BIA is going and where our industry is going.”

Finding ways to do everything better

Tuckerman has observed that one of the biggest changes in our industry over the past decade has been a growing openness to new products, technology, building techniques and ideas. The entrenched mindset of insisting on things being done the same way today as they were done yesterday -- because ‘that’s the way we always did it’ -- is rapidly falling by the wayside.

“We’ve learned there are better ways to build homes,” says Tuckerman. “There’s new information out there that we have to learn.”

Whether it’s instruction during a seminar, or insights gained in a casual conversation at a mixer, the BIA has become a central way for local builders and associates to learn about the latest in homebuilding.

The BIA provides a unique forum for talking through homebuilding and business issues with others in our industry, as well as a main resource for obtaining the assistance that only another building professional can offer. Your fellow BIA members can often help you find out how to do things better and have a more profitable business.

“The BIA feels more energetic,” notes Tuckerman. “It feels much more like a teaching association than it ever used to -- and we need that, especially with how fast the technologies are changing. We have become more proactive and less reactionary.”

Tuckerman-3As a result of the continual education and learning, Tuckerman says he sees builders and trade contractors finding smarter ways to operate their businesses. They are building better homes, becoming more efficient, having safer jobsites and becoming more profitable.

“There are more and more training classes at the BIA,” says Tuckerman. “Whether it’s technology or the building products we use, whether it’s OSHA or flashing or workers’ comp -- I’m learning something every time I go to a BIA class or meeting.”

Tuckerman says he often calls on BIA associate members who are suppliers to educate him on a particular product’s use. Those associates who lend their expertise to builders and help them learn more -- through on-site meetings, phone calls or seminar presentations – can gain credibility and get more referrals.

Sharing information and networking

There is also a new openness at the BIA as builders share more kinds of information with each other than ever before.

“The sharing of information has really been something I’ve enjoyed to be a part of and see occurring as we’re coming out of the downturn,” says Tuckerman. “It’s almost like we’re all a little bit of a sounding board for everyone else.”

Trading information has worked so well for Tuckerman that he counts his participation in the NAHB Builder 20 Club, which promotes idea exchange among builders around the country, as one of the best things he has ever done for his business.

Tuckerman-4The BIA is also continuing in its role of helping members make the connections they need to generate new business. Tuckerman says when he is looking for someone who specializes in a specific trade or product area, he opens his BIA directory or even pages through the Parade of Homes Plan Book.

Homebuilding expertise

Tuckerman, who grew up in Bexley, built his first home before he even graduated from college. He and his brother Brian worked on homes over summer vacations while Tuckerman studied for his business administration degree from Tulane.
His education outside the classroom has centered around the outstanding network of successful business professionals that have always surrounded him, starting with his father, Steve Tuckerman, who currently heads Tuckerman Development Company. Steve founded Tuckerman Optical when he was 22 and sold his optical chain to LensCrafters in 1994.

Tuckerman learned about the homebuilding business from the experts. He counts Milt Lewin (his wife Connie’s father), Irving Schottenstein and George Skestos, Sr. as mentors who talked to him about their experiences in our industry and provided insights.

Tuckerman has also traded ideas with his brother-in-law Adam Lewin of Hamilton Parker, and with the many builders and trade contractors he has met through the BIA. His BIA friendships have broadened his knowledge about our industry and kept him on top of new products and building trends.

The Tuckerman Home Group integrates fresh concepts and proven family design into the homes they build. Their buyers appreciate the company’s innovative construction and well-crafted homes -- and they enjoy their positive building experiences.

Tuckerman-5The company’s solid building team, headed by Tuckerman and their three award-winning team members, superintendent Phil Hill, and sales associates Lisa Theado and Jeff Slater, are gifted at building, and servicing, custom homes filled with premium craftsmanship, award-winning design and well-chos

n products. The result: homes that are fun to live in and great investments.
Today The Tuckerman Home Group builds throughout central Ohio, including New Albany, Lewis Center, Pickerington, Hilliard, Dublin and Powell. Recently they have been building many homes in New Albany neighborhoods that include New Albany Links, New Albany Country Club and Wentworth Crossing.

In New Albany, The Tuckerman Home Group builds homes in price points ranging from $400,000 in neighborhoods like Wentworth Crossing, to $700,000 to $900,000 in the New Albany Country Club area. The company has a beautiful contemporary model home in Wentworth Crossing that features clean lines and spaces filled with natural light.

“We’re still building where the good school systems and the good home sites are,” says Tuckerman. “Right now we’ve been building predominantly in New Albany and what’s driven that has been the schools and the jobs.”

Wherever they build, Tuckerman puts care into every home. “We’re trying to make our homeowners happy with their home and the community,” he says. “There is a personal involvement that goes into building a home and that’s one of the things I love about it. People will have their Thanksgivings in the home you build and they’ll play football with their kids in the yard. We’re dealing with people’s dreams.” 

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