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BIA & TraLaMa Partnership

The BIA is pleased to announce a new membership benefit and partner to address labor and workforce challenges in our market.

TraLaMa (The Trade Labor Marketplace) is an innovative tool launched by Jason Goldberg, CEO and Founder of America’s Floor Source, to combat the widespread challenge of finding reliable tradespeople.

While other employment websites and apps exist, Goldberg said none of the options respond specifically to the needs of the trade labor market. “As we did our research, we couldn’t find anything quite like what we imagined would be helpful to both the laborer and the business,” he said. “There are big general employment websites like Indeed and Monster, several online temp services and even apps similar to TraLaMa for the food service industry and freelance creatives. But we couldn’t find any established tools that were specific to skilled trade labor.”

TraLaMa currently contains 28 categories of trade skills and 36 business types. Some of the trade skills include masons, electricians, excavators, framers, HVAC installers and trim carpenters. Business types include builders, cabinet companies, interior design firms, flooring retailers, lumber yards, plumbing companies and remodelers.

And for a limited time, all BIA members can use the special code LLAMAFREE to make as many free job posts as a member company would want.

BIA Executive Director Jon Melchi said, “we know that access to quality workers has been a persistent challenge in our industry. TraLaMa is by far the most innovative tool in the marketplace to address this shortage.”

Melchi added, “That TraLaMa was created specifically for our industry by someone like Jason, who has a clear understanding of the climate here in central Ohio and around the country, gives us a lot of confidence in its ability to help our members and provide a great benefit.”

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