The Woods at WildCat Run

Premier Living Homes


Located in Delaware county, within the Olentangy Local school district.

The Woods at WildCat Run is located 1/4 mile South of Home Road on the East side of Liberty Road.

Community Features:

The Woods at WildCat Run offers fifteen estate home sites overlooking a magnificent wooded ravine setting in Powell, Ohio.

Amenities Include:


Representative: Krista LaRussa
Phone: 614-886-3335


Lot NumberSizePriceUseLot Features
1 1.67 $149,000 Single Family Available
4 1.0 $149,000 Single Family Available
5 1.06 $149,000 Single Family Available
9  1.053 $159,000 Single Family Available
13 1.31 $149,000 Single Family Available


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